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Boring Status Update 1

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Sorry there haven’t been updates in a while, I’ve been bogged down with schoolwork. I haven’t given up this project, however, and there are some great new updates and ideas floating in my head.

The fmath module was performing extremely slow, so I decided to rewrite it in C. There will be other modules written in and ported to C later, so this was some good practice. The port isn’t completely done, though; There is support for Vectors and Polygons, but not Rects, and there is no documentation yet. I’ll probably need to optimize it a bit more. The demo doesn’t work correctly yet with the C module because Rects aren’t implemented yet, but you can still build it by running this in the installation directory:

python setup.py build_ext --inplace

There won’t be more updates until at least a few weeks from now. After finals I’ll have more time to work on the project.


Written by bradzeis

May 18, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Posted in Flamingo, Updates

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